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My Dad approached me last week and asked me about my Seven Things post.  He thought maybe I was sharing TOO much.  He asked me:  Do I ever have apprehensions about anything I share on this blog?  Do I worry about posting my picture or my name on the Web?  Perhaps I (we) share TOO much in the age of Social Media.

“Daaaaad,”  I said. “This has been hashed over a million times.  This subject is talked out.”

And then we had the Twitter Phishing scam and Celebrity Hacking fun of 2009.

So MAYBE my dad was right.  Maybe we should talk about this some more.

As far as social media is concerned, do we trust too much?

Many of us, me included, have become far too comfortable handing out our passwords.  We click on link after link on Twitter to see how we rate or to see how exciting our tweets are and we provide our Twitter passwords to obtain the results.  But are these safe places to hand out our passwords?  And why do we so freely type our passwords out?

Dan Tentler speaks about the security risks involved giving passwords in his AtenLabs blog. When typing your password, always look at the URL, and make sure the url matches the site you believe you are on. In the Twitter Phishing scam, folks were taken to a screen that looked like Twitter, but was not actually Twitter.  We should ALL be more careful about looking at our URL’s on a regular basis.

I never share anything I wouldn’t want a future employer or client to read.  I never click on something without looking at the URL first.  And now, I don’t share my password unless I have examined the site I am on. I’m sure I have more to learn about protecting myself online.  But there is no way a little phishing and hacking is gonna scare me away from the social media world.

What do you think?

Should we as a community be more concerned about posting our pictures online?  How about the small bits of personal information that some of us share? Are there ways that hackers and phishers could exploit that information as well?


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